Working on that last map

This might take a bit. I want the final area to test the player, not just in skill and etc, but also in lateral thinking and puzzle solving. I'm adding in a pacifist route to the game, that will make things far more difficult, but also I think interesting and rewarding. So that, even though there is a final boss, you can beat the game without killing a single enemy, if you want.

I even added a kill counter that can be turned on and off in the main menu, so you can show off either how many kills (or how little) you had before you were able to defeat the game. So, in the final level, you'll have the final boss(es) and also a puzzle. The level can be defeated either by defeating the boss, or by solving the puzzle. The fact that you're dodging the boss and the enemies and etc while trying to solve a puzzle...I think this will add an extra challenge, no matter how you end up beating the game.

Also, the last level has a lot of jumping, or parkour as the kids call it these days. Think jumping inside the trees in the old Wizards & Warriors game on the NES- something I found a lot of fun. It will be like that, all through the last level.

So close to getting this done...

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