Bug fixes for Windows coming soon

Okay, man, finally having a windows machine of my own was very eye opening here. This game is fine on OSX, runs milky smooth without issue. On Windows? Yikes. Nice thing is, I can fix most of it. I've also learned a hell of a lot in the last year or so...don't get me wrong, I've been programming for a long time and programming games even longer...

But Emberglass is my first finished game, and I was figuring out a lot of it as I went a long. Also, my first platformer game, too. Before that I'd mostly just dabbled in half finished JRPG's and zeldaclones. So there was a big learning curve there. Esp when it came to level and map design, play flow, mechanics design, etc. Somethings are bugs in both mac and windows I might not be able to fix...the codebase is a huge mess. I've learned a ton since then when it comes to Lua and Love2d and structuring stuff for the long haul (very different than making quick prototypes, etc). Anyway, in a few weeks there should be a major update fixing some of the issues on windows. Esp involving screen transition bugs, some bugs that causes blue screens when using the vines, the fullscreen bug (a weird one), and a music bug that happens later. Some screen lag/stuttering bugs might take a bit, I'm not quite sure what's causing those and why they don't do the same on my mac. I'll have to take a look into that.

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