Bosses are done. For the most part

Bosses are done, for the most part. I need to get fresh eyes to play them, just so I can tweak their difficulty. I want them to be hard, but at the right level. I want players to think their ways through the boss, and that's important to me.

I also added a kill counter you can turn on in the menu. You can also turn on a speedrun timer. The kill counter I think is going to be interesting, I put in a few ways you can defeat the game without killing a single enemy. It's harder, more complex, requires a lot of thought on the player...but it's possible. Would be cool if people tried to beat the game with 0 kills. Or beat the game with 100 kills. Or beat the game with only using the boomerang bone and nothing else. 

Huh. There are a lot of fun possibilities here, I like this.

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