Added a new item, worked on the bosses

I realized today that it would be cool to add two new items to the game, now I'm just figuring out where to put them. They're pretty simple in idea, but can open more areas in interesting ways. One was a fog wand, the other is the rain ring (names/graphics will probably change), and one creates rain or fog respectively. Since some doors only open when the weather (or time of day) changes, this can add some interesting little strategies, as well as making it so you don't have to wait around for random weather changes.

The bosses are a bit trickier. I'm trying to make them fun and challenging and interesting. I want there to be a strategy the player has to uncover for defeating the boss, one that could be done several different ways. Because of this, it's probably not going to be released before this month, as was my original plan. But that's okay, I'd rather get this right than rush it.

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Deleted 1 year ago

I keep going back on releasing a demo before the full game! I'm still not sure yet.