Fixed some bugs

Fixed some pretty big bugs that have been bugging me for awhile. Def would make the game less polished and slick, so there's are solved. Funny how easy they were to fix, too. I kept putting it off because I thought it would be a big issue, but they weren't.

Three more maps left to go. I might add a fourth and fifth map, I'm not sure. I also have this cool idea for an engine, based on the stuff I learned making this game. The idea is to approach the game like a movie or a play. It's split into scenes, each scene has-

- scenery: maps, images, the background stuff

-actors: objects, classes, etc.

That's the visual component. Each scene also has

-actions (caused by either in game objects or the player. Collision, pressing a button, etc.) Each action fires off-

-events. These change the game itself, and are performed by the action queue. There is both an action and event queue.

There is also a scene queue, too. This will allow us to nest scenes (for GUI's, etc) as well as actions and events.

I think this would be pretty robust, and would be able to tie into TileD, Lua/Love2d scripts, and Yarn (or Inkscript) very nicely. In fact, it would be easy to extend this to other mapping tools, dialogue tree tools, or what have you.

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