Added support for Switch Pro controllers

Okay, I just added Switch Pro Controller support, as well as the 8bitdo variants that appear as Switch Pro Controllers. It's nice, and actually is my favorite way to play the game right now. I have an 8bitdo SN Pro, and it's like playing it on an SNES. The Switch Pro is fun, too. I need to tweak analogue stick support, which works on PS3 and PS4 controllers, as well as M30 controllers, but not Switch Pro and Xbox controllers. The DPad works fine for these, but I do know some people like using analogue sticks instead of dpad, even for old school retro style games. Next up, I need to change the buttons that appear for the items in game, since it's showing the PS4 button configs and not the Switch Pro button configs/SNES style button configs. That's not a big deal, though, it's just a config file change.

Still, this is a lot of fun, playing it this way. Closer and closer to the release! I'm hoping to get it up for sale at the end of November, but who knows. I'm also editing a novel coming out next March through Vernacular Books (yes, I am also the science fiction/fantasy/horror writer Paul Jessup- professionally published for over the last 10 years. I've got four books now, one with a major publisher, and three with the small press), so the book editing comes first and foremost (well, after my dayjob, of course).

But I don't see that as pushing this too far back, to be honest. I don't have much left to do in the video game, so if I get my novel edits sent back to the publisher in the next month or so, I still have enough time to finish the last maps and boss battles and run it through a series of beta tests.

Finger's crossed!

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