Working on a new boss...

Might take a few days to maybe a week to get this exactly right. Right now it's in the planning stages, and I hope I can pull this idea off. So, the basic plan is based around how you can run around and pick up bones and skulls on the ground to throw. And this boss would be an amalgamation of bones and skulls and a head on top, and the idea is you have to jump on it and pull off the bones and skulls and throw it back at itself to hurt it, and maybe in the end pull of it's head and throw it down a well (or something like that). The reason why it's taking a bit of time is that I need to figure out exactly how to do this pulling effect (original idea was to have a collection of bone objects, but now I think one object that looks like it's being pulled apart might be easier to do, rather than a collection. It will appear to the player the same, it's just how it works on the backend that will be different...

Also, tricky part in getting the player to know that they're supposed to throw the head down the well. I might not do it exactly that way, I might make pulling the head off "defeat the boss" and then after that, you can use the head as a weapon in the game. I'm still thinking on the best way to do this.

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