Working on the underground maps...

It's pretty cool, I like the light filtering through above, it gives this section a nice bit of atmosphere. It's going to be a pretty hectic area, I just finished adding thorny bushes and vines, and I made it so that they can be spread out pretty easily using tiles. I just say the width and height, and it automatically adjusts the size, the same what I did for the climbing vines. It's kinda nice.

Though the maps for Emberglass do take a lot of work, the way I did the details for all the maps (and the fact it uses 8x8 for background tiles), and I didn't know how to setup terrain tiles or wangsets yet...means I have to do a lot of work on a lot of this. Nice thing is, the game I'm working on next I massively improved how I do the maps, and will go by a lot quicker.

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