Some more workity work

Worked some more on the light shafts coming in from underground- I made it so there are two layers of them now, each running at a slightly different speed (but faster than the player). This gives it a really unique effect of moving like real light, since the layers are only slightly offset and moving slightly differently (a fraction of a %), so when you move it looks like how light shafts move across your vision if you go through a room with light streaming in. Very cool.

I also fixed some collision detection stuff that was wonky, but now works great. Mostly to do with falling and "sticking" on tiles that are ground tiles. Like, if you're falling from a cliff and your head touched a platform but not your feet, your head gets stuck to it. Easy to fix, really, just by giving the player a center of gravity that affects velocity, etc. It wasn't a huge thing, and only happened 0.01% of the time, but it was bugging me.

I also added a banner and borders to my itch page. Not 100% happy with it right now, but it's very close to what I want it to look like.

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