Spent the morning fixing wonky stuff

Found a bug that bothered me to no end- but was able to fix it before work this morning, and that made me happy. Basically, enemy projectiles were forcing collision detection with other enemies, forcing them to jump all over the screen. It was pretty funny, albeit annoying as all get out to play. So, I tracked down the errant issue, removed projectile collision when it's an enemy projectile hitting an enemy (now it just goes behind them) and still hits the player and does damage to the player. I was tempted to make this the kind of game where enemies damage each other, for a bit, and instead having the projectile move the enemy it hits, it would hurt them and move them...

But that didn't feel like this game. Maybe for a different game...this game, it felt right that the enemies avoid each other, and that's that. So the enemy projectile code works great now, and is no longer making other enemies go berserk.

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