Working on the next area...lots of new art

So my third to last area I'm working on now requires a bit of new art, and also some new functionality in this game engine. This part is called The Tomb of the Hollow Prince, and I picture it being slightly underground, in ruins, and have light streaming in through cracks in the ground above you. The light is something that's a bit tricky, since I want it to go from sunlight yellow in daylight to moonlight blue at night, so I'm working on that. I hadn't specifically set up the engine to do that, more just "here's a lamplight at night, and here's darkness". But, it's going to look really cool so it's worth it.

Also, in this section I need to do some art for briars and thorn bushes and thorny vines. I picture this area looking like Sleeping Beauty's castle in that way- covered in thorns and vines. Walking through will be treacherous, but if you make it through this area to a special, hidden spot and survive, the second most powerful weapon in the game awaits you. The most powerful one is a secret hidden area that appears only when certain worldly conditions are met, so that will be far more...interesting, and surprising.

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