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So after playing it on several different controls, I'm rethinking the gamepad mapping. Originally I wanted something very Genisis/Megadrive, with a three button control scheme that would just be A, B, C, and have it autoremap to other gamepads. After playing with the 8bitdo M30 gamepad, and playing with the PS3 and an Xbox gamepad, and a retro mini zero 8 bit do gamepad, I realized that even though the A/B/C or ABX on other controllers made sense in some ways (when imitating older control mappings)...I think that this game works better if the items are mapped to L and R respectfully, and jump to either A or B (or X on a PS3 gamepad). That way you can hold down items, even two items at the same time, move about easily, AND jump, all comfortably on the same gamepad.

Already the keyboard mapping works this same way, it's very easy to move your fingers, hold down on different items, and etc. But the gamepad this always felt clunky, and I think this solves it. It feels nice to play, and the actual gameplay controls have always been tight and dynamic when it comes to jumping (and moving through the air while jumping, and landing and rejumping, and aiming), it's all very nimble. And this makes it just as nimble when using items and running and jumping. It's easier to pull back on a bow string while running now, for example.

It feels good to play on each of the controllers, and works very well. Holding down on an item button to power stuff up or fly or any number of things.

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