The itch page updated slightly...

And took a backseat to fixing some bugs. I redid the screenshots so they're all current now, updated the blurb text a bit. Next I have to create a better background and banner for it, and then I think it will be good. As for the game, I just cleaned up some of the bugs (mostly dealing with the speed of some thrown objects). I think I might take my rudimentary particle engine and make it do a tiny particle effect when an enemy dies or a skull hits the wall or something, so it feel more solid and less kinda floaty weird. Nothing too fancy mind you, just maybe a few sparkle particles floating up or something like that.

I also should probably end a scene transition...though each room is small enough this feels like it might be an overkill. Still, maybe even a fast wipe or a fast cross fade with little load time would work best. You keep the quick movement between rooms without bogging the speed down at all. I need to think on it.

Closer and closer it crawls. I did another map or two as well, slowly moving towards the end. I think next month I should have all the maps done, and then I'll just need to work on the bosses and the end of the game credits, and then we're good to go.

It's exciting!

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