Giphy capture and Kaps not working on my Mac...

Fun times. My Mac is my dev machine, and right now neither of the video capture tools are working with the latest OSX (Catelina). I was going to take a new video, maybe make it into a gif, showing off the intro animation sequence...but both kind of crapped out and wouldn't record. I messed with it for a bit, but it's also not using Wine or Winebottler anymore...

So this whole dropping 32bit code and applications is a nightmare. Thankfully, what I'm using to do Emberglass still works great. The latest Love2d and Lua work fine, the latest version of TileD works great without issue, and Aseprite (which is what I use for pixel art and animation) works great, too. So for Emberglass itself it's still full steam ahead. I just got a figure out a way to capture video on it so I can create the trailers...

The downside is that Heart of the Bone Witch was made using RPGMaker MV, and I was using the TileD module for MV, and that version uses a very old version of TileD. And that old version of TileD is 32 bit only, so I'm not sure what to do with that. I'll probably just remake the engine in Love2d and would be far easier than redoing all the graphics and maps using other tools in RPGMaker MV.

I know that sounds insane, but it's true. With Emberglass I created a very extensible 2d engine for making retro games, with tons of utilities and tools, and it even interfaces with Yarn now, so making dialogues and events in Love2d and Lua and TileD would be a snap., So that's my far future plan for Heart of the Bone Witch. My near future plan is to finish Emberglass, get a better screen capture utility, and also finish the game jam me and my kids entered in July.


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