Clean up, adding some flavor text to the start of the game...

Mostly did some code clean up, refactoring and such, so that I can eventually take the tools, functions, and libraries I built for this game and use them elsewhere. Maybe in a future JRPG style game, I'm not quite sure. I found the version of TileD that worked RPGMaker MV (which was the game engine I was using to create Heart of the Bone Witch) no longer works with the latest version of OSX, and they haven't updated (to my knowledge) the module for RPGMKMV to work with the latest version of TileD (which works great and I'm using it with Love2d and LUA). So this has me thinking about what to do with Bonewitch, since I would have to redo all the maps in a different format, redo all of my tiles and art, etc, in a different format, in order to keep using RPGMV. Which would be an insane waste of time for everyone.

Of I could just update my TileD maps to the latest TileD (no problem) and then rewrite the engine itself in Love2d and Lua. Something I know how to do, buuuuutttt...time consuming. Though not as time consuming as redoing everything for a different route of using RPGMaker MV.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there for Emberglass. Emberglass is going full steam ahead, closer and closer to completion. I also added a small bit of flavor text with a new game, a small poem kind of getting you in the mindset for the game itself. Originally, I wanted 0 text at all in the game (except for location names and menus), because I wanted to tell a story visually. I liked the idea of a new game starting with the clouds parting and you waking up in the standing stones and...


But I also like the idea of simple flavor text, like a poem appearing line by line over the clouds, a mood piece if you will. Once that appears, then the clouds part, and you wake up. They may contain a hint or riddle or two for later in the game, probably. But either way, I think this will work. It only happens when you open the game for the firs time ever, and then it goes away. The rest of the game, except for the ending, will also be textless, and instead tell a visual story.

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