Added healing spas...

I decided to add two healing spas in the game, they work kind of like the faerie ponds in the first Zelda game, where you're healed completely. Consider these moments of respite during all the fun fun action. There are a few different ways to heal in the game, you can find healing mushrooms scattered along various areas (esp in the Garden of the Mushroom Duchess), and you can pick these up and carry them with you, but they use an item slot. This is esp tricky, since you can only carry two items at a time (one for each hand), which should allow for some really cool decisions you have to make as a player. When combined with the two spa points, it should allow the player some unique strategies when playing.

Like a lot of old school games, death will happen often. There is a persistence to the world beyond death, so your items stay the same and the bosses stay dead, and the secrets stay found, and the arrows you shot before stick around in the walls for climbing, and any vines you make stick around to when you're reborn in the circle of standing stones. Again, this should allow the player to do unique strategies, and maybe even risk death just to get a specific item, since it will stick around even afte ryou die.

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