Added three new rooms/maps, and tweaked some stuff and fixed a few outstanding bugs

The last few days I've been adding some new areas, but the engine itself being mostly done, did not have to add any new functionality. I know in the next few weeks I will have to add some new functionalities for the next boss fights (since their patterns, and the way to beat them are unique to each of those bosses). Other than the new areas I tweaked some things (mostly jump ratio and and the amount of time it takes to recover from an attack) just so they feel more natural and intuitive, and react in the way you think they should react.

I also solved two pretty big bugs dealing with jumping and collision detection I've been putting off for awhile. I just sat down and said, "I need to fix this" and the idea came to me right away on the solution, and the minute I sat down and coded it worked right away and took maybe ten minutes. It wasn't a bandaid, either, it was a restructuring of both edge detections and ground detection and gravity. Basically put, since the third party library I was using for collision detection (something I won't be doing in the future- I'll just make my own, it's not that difficult) was not set up to do different actions based on *where* the collision happened.

For example, when falling/landing, the proper response to an edge/ground is to only respond as ground when falling on top of it, and not when colliding to the left or right. Otherwise, the player will stop falling and their head will be stuck on an edge or a ground tile, which isn't quite what you want at all. I was using a bandaid to fix it before (and it only worked like 10% of the time), this time I set out and created a way of detecting where the collision overlap happened between bounding box, and to react differently depending on the finite state of the objects (jumping/falling) and which part of the player collided with which part of the tile.

Something that could have been avoided if I'd coded the bounding box myself from scratch. Which is what I'm planning on doing next game.

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