Tweaking, bugfixing, tweaking some more

Last few days have been mostly bugfixing and tweaking some small things here and there to get it to move right and feel good. I think that's important for a platformer- to have smooth 60fps response time, and to move in ways that the player expects when playing the game. I also always loved games where you could jump from stairs or vines, and jump on them halfway, that kind of thing. It's more fun to play that way, and way better than the Castlevania "moving upstairs is an animation you can't break" way of doing things. To me, this gives the game a more fluid and realistic feeling. I feel like I can react to things quicker and easier.

I also tweaked some weapons that were too powerful, making the game far too easy when you got them. I dialed them down a bit, and while it still ramps the difficulty down, it doesn't become stupidly over balanced in favor of the player. Instead, it gives the player an edge and makes things better, but not so easy it's a joke.

Though, there will be one weapon that will be really difficult to get (you need to wait for the exact time for the door to open, go into that world, defeat two bosses and survive the new hidden level) and find the weapon. If you go through all of that, you get the best weapon in the game which does make it a whole lot easier  to play...

But getting that weapon is hard. I think it balances well, high risk and super high reward. This game is always about making choices, since you can only hold two items/weapons at a time, you have to constantly drop things and make tough decisions. Will I need the vine wand in this area to reach certain platformers? The ghost shield to pass through thorns? A weapon strong to ghosts but weak to everything else? It's all about strategy in gameplay, and choosing what's best for you.

It also allows the player to do some crazy things, like play and beat the entire game using just two bones as weapons and items. Is it really hard to do this? Yup. Is it impossible? Nope! It's all how you want to play, and how hard you want your own personal challenge to be, and how many secrets you want to uncover.

I also debugged a few new bugs introduced with growing vines wherever you want...tricky in parts, but worth it. It will be a really cool tool and a game changer, for certain.

I know this game will be on steam as well as Itch, and I also just applied for it to be on the Humble Games store. I'll try to get on GOG, too.

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