Enemies, enemies, enemies

Each new area of the game I try and do at least two to three new enemies that are completely unique to that area. I try and give them unique strategies, something simple but fun and interesting to play against. Not talking about complex AI here, but stuff that feels story-able and work with how I think that enemy should work. I also try and give them a bit of a folkloric spin, if I can.

Right now I'm creating new enemies for the Forest of the Sleeping Gods. I've got a bat, and I'm going to add a new enemy based on John Bauer's trolls. I already have one enemy like this- I call them lamptrolls, and they wander around at night with a lamp, collecting bones for a shrine they are building. These new trolls in the forest will be taller than the others (I picture them peeking over the pine trees), and will have a basic AI that's not too complex. I think unlike the lamptrolls (who only appear at night) these guys will only appear during the day.  I think they're AI might be walk a bit, rest a bit, walk a bit, kind of thing, since they are so large (and will take a lot of damage).

But I'm not sure yet. Another idea I have is that these trolls might be shy and run away from the player? I'm not sure yet, I'm still working on exactly how they're going to react.

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