Taking a break from level design and coding to do pixel art

Next few days should be pixel art only days. I'm not happy with a few things (none of the screenshots show these parts), so I need to clean them up a bit and look nice. They're larger pieces of pixel art, and I always feel like I'm having issues with the larger things. Just the way it goes, I guess?

Ontop of that I need to create new tilesets for new areas, making them unique and interesting so the world doesn't get samey. I also have to pixel two bosses, and the tilesets for the boss layers. This is going to be quite a bit of pixelling, and when I'm done with that I'm going to go in and code the boss fighting patterns (each will have a strategy that can be optimized, with several different ways to defeat a boss, including an "easy way" that involves using items found across the map specifically for that boss). 

So, exciting times, no?

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