Tweaking tweaking

Spent the day tweaking small bits of code and fixing minor errors and bugs that aren't a huge deal, but add some polish to the whole thing. The main tweaks were with controls and how standing on arrows work, and I noticed some frustration with it when the beta testers were trying to create arrow stairs and ladders, jumping, shooting, standing, jumping, etc. I knew exactly how to fix it, too, to have the game respond in the way they expected. I'd gotten too used to playing around these issues and just getting used to how the controls where set up, I was glad to watch some other people play, so I can see how a completely new person playing it would do certain things. 

And it was eye opening. Great stuff, now it's way more intuitive, the control is tight and feels just right. Nice thing about coding all the jump routines and etc from scratch and not using an engine like GameMaker or Godot or PixelGameMakerMV is that I have complete control over the this kind of thing, and I can make certain it moves in a way that is natural and easy to pick up and use.

The jumping on arrows is fun, and a lot of the vertical areas jumping from platform to platform turned out to be favorite areas of the beta testers, which is great. It played in exactly the way I wanted it to play, even though a few of them never really played platformers before this (and didn't play the antecedents I was pulling from, like Wizards & Warriors and the Ducktales game).

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