More mapping and adding some atmospheric details...

Most of the last few days were just making maps, laying down enemies and items, and not much else. I did a little bit of coding, mostly tweaking some of the controls, adding some atmospheric details. Like random sound effects depending on time of day and area (birds chirping in daylight outdoors, water dripping in caves, owls hooting at night, etc). I also added some interesting bits of weird world building details, like random dragons flying way overhead, and giants that appear at certain random times during the day far off in the distance, walking between the hills and the sky. Eventually, I'll probably add some random shooting stars at night across the sky.

For the curious, I'm using TileD for the level design and layout. I've pretty much customized exactly how it works, based on what custom variables I add to objects and how I lay out the maps. This allows me to pretty quickly build areas exactly as I want them to look. Sometimes it takes me a day for an area, sometimes I can do two or three maps a day. It all depends on how much I have planned ahead of time in the basic layout.

I think the next few days I'm going to take a break and pixel some boss areas and bosses. Then I can tie those to the maps, and the world will be a little under 1/2 finished. I'm pretty excited!

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