Other people using iterative designs...

I don't know if they call it that or what, but I love reading on how other people approach game design. I've been watching a few youtube videos and reading some old blogs posts, and it looks like a lot of other indie game designers kind of use a similar approach? It's one I basically brought in from how I write novels and short stories, but it's great to see that other people came to the same inclusion in different ways. One of the first person I ever read about doing that was the director of Ico and his whole design by subtraction technique, which is very similar. 


And the one I found most recently, is this one, discussing Jonathan Blow's technique for making puzzle games, which is also insanely similar in my approach! It's very heartwarming to see that others are going about this in the same way, and to know I'm not just insane and running down a dead end.


Both videos are worth a watch if you have any interest in game design at all.

I think later today, after work, I might start on a devlog post about the original concept for this game, how it evolved, and how I was able to keep the basic feeling that I wanted the game to have through all iterations of design. (basically Icovania, or rather, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus meets Metriodvania)

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