Brittle Bridges go Kaboom

So last night I stayed up way too late implementing a feature my kids have been asking for...ever since I added debris falling from bridges when you walk across them. They said repeatedly, "this needs to collapse if I stay on it too long." I resisted for awhile, since the debris falling was just supposed to be a nice little touch, a detail to add immersion into the game. But then I thought about it, and they're right. The way this game works, everything feels interactive somehow. You can pick anything up, drop anything down, everything does *something* and the world is semi-persistent (in that most things you do stick around in the world, but if it involves puzzles and some other things, they reset...since you don't want to mess up a puzzle and then not be able to fix it).

So I created bridge objects, gave them a health, and had it when players or enemies walk on it, it does damage to the bridge. Bridge's health is 0, it collapses (cue screen shake and sound effect). The bridge object is then removed from the game and a key is stored in the persistence arrays (which are used when saving) telling it that the bridge is collapsed. 

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