Quick Update-

Just added a better preview of gameplay- I found out that OSX (for some reason) was locking down the interior audio, and forcing it to require the mic to record from the speakers. A quick download later, and I was able to get Kaps (what I used to record the gameplay) recording right from the speakers. It looks like it recorded in 240p though (even though the game is native 720p, with the sprites and tiles scaled up), so I need to sift through the settings in Kaps to get it to record how it would look like while playing.

Still! This gives you more of a playthrough than before, and should give you an idea on how to play. You can pick up anything you see and use it as an item. Anything! As long as it's not an enemy. And you can also see how you can use arrows to create your own platforms, to get to places you can't reach.

All metriodvanias have increased jumping or whatever to get to places like that, but I'm looking towards more interesting in-game solutions that work with the setting, the world itself, and the gameplay mechanics, to create a more immersive gameplay experience.

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