Worked on some pixel art for the sections that need ruins

That was most of today, just doing pixel art for the section that need crumbling ruins. It was nice, these came together quickly and look really well. I did a few maps using them, but I need to tweak those maps some more before I add a few screenshots. I also took a few minutes to tweak the checkpoint system, so that each "area" (a biome made up of several interconnected maps) has it's own main checkpoint. That way, when you save in an area, it saves to that checkpoint. I might have to tweak it a bit more later, so that dending on where in the area you are, it will either save to that or the previous checkpoint. Since the game is going to be crazy nonlinear, this is kind of important. Nonlinear in a zelda 1 kind of way.

I also think the nonlinearity can also add to the, can you beat this game without collecting anything other than a bow and boomerang bone? Or just a bow? Or just two boomerang bones in each hand? Would also make speedruns interesting, too.

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