A second day of tweaking...

That's right, another day of tweaks. Most fixing small bugs I'd known about, had a plan to fix, and so I could just type it in, test it and go. The fixes worked right away, without any issue at all which is a great feeling. I also tweaked a few small things here and there to make the controls a bit better, and added in a way of turning off screen shaking for anyone with nausea.  I tweaked the opening of the game a bit more, improving when and how it loads the map and save game. 

I think this was necessary. All of these little tweaks were things that needed to get done, but didn't require much work or time. I'd already figured out how to either fix or improve these issues, I just had to put them in. The nice thing is, they worked right away, without any additional bugs. A very rare thing, indeed.

I'm thinking that tomorrow I'll spend the day doing pixel art. Pixel art is probably the most frustrating part for me, just because it takes a very long time to get the results where I want them...

And even then, I usually revisit it later, improve on them, etc. It's a very painstaking process, also done in an incremental way, but worth it, I think. The end result is looking nice, and I'm happy with the way it's turned out, even though it takes forever to get there, art wise.

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