A day of tweaking little things

I was originally going to work on a few new maps today, as well as do art for some ruins and some of the other new areas/sections/biomes/what have you, but after the work I'd done yesterday, I felt like I needed a rest. I had a list of little tweaks and improvements I've been meaning to do for awhile, small things that give the game a bit more oomph, and I went through and added them today. I knew the coding would be quick and straight forward (and it was), and would be a more relaxing day of code. Which was nice, to be honest, and well needed. Mostly adding a credits screen, cleaning up how the menu works, adding in small fixes, and putting in a basic screenshake. 

It's kind of funny how much a screenshake when combined with controller vibration really can put the player into the game. The simple things are important, without them a game can feel empty, or missing something, even though you're not quite sure what or how. Since these were all small things, I ended up not having to do any killer bug hunts or anything like that to make sure they worked. A few was just porting over Allegro and C++ code from old projects into Lua, that sort of thing. All in all, a calming day, which was something I needed, I think.

I'll be back to doing art and hammering out code again in the future. But for now? Calming, little tweaks.

I think later on this week I'll also do a devlog about the way this game uses randomness to create a more interesting, organic world. It's not rogue-ish in that way, the levels are still designed, but the randomness is used for immersion, as well as creating interesting gameplay situations.

Oh, and even though yesterday was a brutal coding day (involving bug hunts and massive overhauls of some conceptual designs), I added a new layer and concept to the way items work. I can't say anymore than that, I want what this actual does and what happens to be a huge surprise for first time players, I really think it will be interesting and fun.

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