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hey, this isn't opening on mac - do you have any idea why that might be? is there any chance i could get a steam key for it, in the hopes i might be able to play the game via there? 

What is the specs for your Mac? It was originally developed and tested on Macs before porting to a PC. Though I'm not sure if it works on more recent M1 Macs. Let me know!

the chip is the apple M2, and it's currently on macos ventura 13.0! 

Let me see what I can do- the Steam version won't be any better, it's the exact same file. I'll let you know when you can redownload/update

ahh, gotcha. thanks anyway though! i'm looking forwards to hopefully getting a chance to play it!

NP! What happens when you try to open it, is there an error? Just trying to narrow it down.

why so angry at steam lmao

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Doesn't seem to work on M1 Macs. Application could not be started.

What's the version of OSX?


Should work fine, I'm testing it on an M1 with the latest as well? Was it a security error?

An update- I tried downloading other games made in Love by other people (not my own game) and I ran across this same issue! I wonder why that is. I think if you download  the .love file (called the linux file above, or retro pi), and download and install the mac version of love from-

It should work. Asking on forums why this might be the case with app folders on the forums

really cool! lovely and I keep being drawn back into it. experienced three notable bugs, two of which had me having to restart the game... 1. on my first play, I set down one of the tools, and it went too far into the wall I was nearby for me to pick it back up 2. this play, just now, I was in the dark area with the spiders on the highest level grabbing the potion. somehow my lantern disappeared inbetween screens (during a transition). it wasn't set down anywhere, and I no longer had it 3. I went into the mistkey door and slowly died, admiring the music and the setup. when I respawned the music was still going. continued until I quit the game just now (due to losing lantern)

Hmm, I'll need to check to see about having it do about a better "wall check" for dropping items, it shouldn't allow you to drop them in the wall. One thing I noticed (I built this on a Mac, and developed on a Mac, and only got a chance to check it recently on windows) is that the transitions between screens on Windows takes too long, which probably affected this lamp issue. I'll try and fix that so it won't happen again.

The music issue is one I've known about, and have been trying to fix for awhile...

Glad you enjoyed it so much! Thank you for letting me know about the problems.

Just an update- I'm working on fixing the windows bugs, like the transition time and some of the frame skipping issues...

Beautiful art (visual and music). Playing it was a pleasant experience, though I didn't really get an idea of what I should be doing. Unfortunately the game crashed. I had used a stick to create a vine, but somehow while climbing it I jumped at the wrong area and managed to fall down through the ground and the game bluescreened. :( It happened in the Ossuary, I think.

Oh, I'm sorry that happened to you. I'm going to take a look at it right now. I think I have a good idea on what happened and how I can fix it.

And yes, I am working on an update that will hopefully give players better direction when playing the game, maybe some NPC's that will hint

Thanks for playing!

Ah, gotcha! That would be cool. 


hey man, im totally new to this platform, but I saw all of your game's screen shot, I love the aesthetics. im a composer and sound designer and I have made a composition for a game that looks a lot like this I thought you can use me if you want a composer in the same style, ill leave the link here a little composition i made for a indie game also you can find more of my works on my Instagram

the story/premise is interesting, the gameplay sounds fun and the art style is lovely and nostalgic. all in all, it's a promising game and i'm looking forward to it :)

Great! That means so much to me. 

Keep it up!

Thank you! I plan on it, this game is fun to work on.