A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Death Kart is a local multiplayer battle royale. 1-3 players, at least 2 players recommended with gamepad/joystick connections.

You are an orphaned kid, left behind by careless parents. Run aways, stow aways, left adrift in an uncaring world. But there are others like you, living in abandoned buildings, the ruins of an old Renaissance Faire,  and other places forgotten in an ever changing society.

And here you will fight. There will be only one winner. Battle with shopping carts, battle to the death. Show them the wild side, and why your parents tossed you aside like old trash.

move with the arrow keys
z=run and push your cart
x=fire your weapon

Move your character with the dpad or left analogue stick
B= run and push your cart
A= Use Item

Up to three players locally with 1-3 gamepads connected.

This game was made for the Retrograde Jam:


Death Kart (retropie).love 3 MB
Death Kart.zip 9 MB
Death Kart.love 3 MB
Death Kart-win64.zip 7 MB
Death Kart-win32.zip 7 MB

Install instructions

Windows: Download, unzip, click on the DeathKart.exe file
OSX: Download, unzip, click on the DeathKart app
Linux: Install Love2d if you haven't already (instructions here: https://love2d.org/), then download the game and run deathkart.love

For the Retropie version- go to  RetroPie Setup, go to Manage Optional Packages and install Love. Then download Death Kart (retropie).love, and stick it in your roms/love folder on you retropie. (more info for Love2d and retropie here: https://retropie.org.uk/docs/Love/). Both the Love2d install on your Retropie, and the retropie version of DeathKart are in beta, so errors might occur.

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