A surprise game, just in time for Halloween!

Coming October 1st, from Riddle Fox Games! Like Bad Writer before it, Feline Fantasy is a small, surprise game that was worked on mostly in secret.It's a combination of roguelike and classic RPG, like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Phantasy Star, for the old 8bit consoles. It's stripped down, into a micro rpg format. What does this mean? One to four hours of gameplay each run through, depending on what class you play and how hard the randomly generated world is when you start. Oh, did I mention it has cats and a ton of cat puns in it? It sure does.

It will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch and eventually other consoles and Steam. Nintendo Switch will probably be about three weeks away from the itch release, and I'll tell you all about it here.

Until then, happy adventures, meow!

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