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In a nutshell:
A micro RPG with about 2-4 hours of play for each run
Randomized worlds, dungeons, and cities
A cool personality profile at the end of each game based on your actions during play
6 Kitty classes to choose from! Some are easier to use, some make the game so much harder. Experiment and find out which works best for you. You might be surprised!

The purrfect 8bit RPG with Kittens

There is a Big Bad Evil (tm) that has come to destroy kitteh land. A cosmic horror from beyond the litter box wastes. And only one brave hero hears the call, to come forth and put an end to all the suffering across the meowtiverse.  Choose your class, name your kitty, and set off on adventure!

Be warned, you only have nine lives to live. If they run out, so does your game, and you'll have to start over again with a new kitten, in a new randomly generated world, with a whole new quest to complete.

Left click anywhere to walk/select menu item. Right click to bring up the main menu. Click on villagers to talk to them.
Touch anywhere to walk or select menu item. Touch the menu button on the screen to bring up the main menu. Tap villagers to talk to them
Walk with the arrow keys or WASD. Enter to talk to villagers, escape to bring up the menu
Walk with D pad or analog stick. A button to make selections/talk to villagers, B button to bring up the main menu.


A rogue like 8bit micro RPG with cats. Each run through will take about one to three hours, roughly, with each game creating a new world for you to explore with your kitty avatar. The spells, the items, everything is randomized. But each time you play, several guidelines stay the same.

Like all classic RPG's in the 8bit era of Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Phantasy Star, the quest is simple. Find the magic item in one of the dungeons that will kill the Big Bad Evil(tm) and free the world. Oh no, but the final dungeon is locked! Fear not, brave kitty, there is a key hidden in another dungeon, scattered across the landscape. Find that, open the door, and save the world

At the end of each play through you are given statistics of everything you did and experienced, as well as a fun personality profile for your kitty based on your actions.

Short, sweet, and fun.


Buy Now$5.99 USD or more

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So, this is super cute looking along with fun sounding gameplay! Look forward to seeing more!

I am so glad you feel that way! I'll be putting up some gameplay videos Wednesday, and then maybe have the actual trailer Friday...the day before the game goes up on sale :)

Can't wait to see!

BTW, on Nov 3rd CK will be on the Nintendo Switch's eshop in Europe, US, and Canada :)

Awesome!! I should be able to finally order my Steam Deck tomorrow so if Bad Writer works on Deck I'll be able to get em both on (technically lol) console then!!

It should work just fine on the Deck! But so far, it's untested. You'll have to let me know!