What's next

Pretty soon I'll be doing a post mortum on the game, not sure if I will do it here or on some place like the SFWA's blog, or something like that. But I do have a plan in the future for several video games, one or two based on this engine (small, fun things. One where you take kids into portal fantasy worlds and watch them survive or die, another about a time traveling british person and his companions), a few based on some new engine ideas (one I'm making with my kids, even), and an expanded sequel to this called Bad Novelist.

Bad Novelist will take some time to make. It's going to be bigger- you're going to have a whole town to explore, a dayjob mini game, and the slow process of writing a novel and trying to fight boredom and depression. Eventually, after writing it, you will have to find an agent to publish it. It's more like a longer version of Bad Writer, but with more characters, a bit more of a plot, and stuff like that. I don't expect this to take off like Bad Writer did, but in my mind it would be a fun little follow up for fans of the game. If it was less complex I would just make it a DLC, but since it's going to be a completely new game engine, it will probably be sold separately.

But that's for later! Work is moving ahead on the Switch and iOS ports, so that's exciting. I might add an update where you can waste time in game playing a video game for extra meta funniness. 

Thanks everyone for buying this game and making it into the success it is. I'm super grateful, you all rock.

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Can you share your sale numbers or rough estimates, just out of curiosity?

I think that's too soon, really, since there are more versions coming out later?