New game in the works

Yup! And pretty soon I'm going to do an official announcement and press release, but for now I'll say it here. Riddle Fox's next game is going to be Monster Heart. Have you ever wanted to care for the monsters in Dragon Quest instead of fighting them?  Heal wounded and sick monsters instead of having them inhumanely fight each other like the illegal monster fighting rings of Pokemon? Monster Heart is the game for you.

Meet Fiona, the new monster veterinarian for Candlebook Island Monster Sanctuary. You roam the grounds, making sure each of the monsters is healthy and well fed, and caring for those who get sick or hurt. You converse with your coworkers, spend your off time together, and just enjoying/stressing about your first job, fresh out of university.

It will be available for Steam and Itch (both PC and Mac, and possibly Linux), as well as the Nintendo Switch and iOS. There may be more ports coming as well, but those aren't set in stone just yet.

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Wow, it sounds really insteresting. I will follow up your dev logs! 

Small question, I sawa lot of improvement from your first game art, to your last one... So I was curious to know if are you creating all the assets by yourself? or you are pairing with an artist or both? :D Anyway, really good improvement! I was just reading your dev logs of your first game (the one in at least). 

Really cool work! keep doing it. 

I'm doing it all by myself! And thanks, yes, I think I did improve in the last two years :) I also got a graphics tablet last year which made pixel art a ton easier to do. 

I've been doing this for about 25 years now or so, and here is the art from my first game in the late 90's, lol. I've come a long way.