And now we're on the Nintendo eShop for North America!

Look at that! Should be available for purchase Friday. How exciting. Now I need to go update a billion things...

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Been sick so out of the loop. Exciting news, but I can't seem to access it. I'm in Canada if it makes a difference. Doesn't show up in eshop or once I'm logged into my Nintendo account  😭

Oh! It looks like it's not on! How interesting. It's in Europe and North America...I thought NA would cover Canada. Let me see if I can get that fixed. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Ah, sorry, it won't be on the Canadian eshop. It would need a French translation in order to be there, and I can't afford that just yet. Maybe someday in the future! Terribly sorry about that.

There might be something, though. Email me at, I think I have an idea for a work around, but it would be on an individual basis.

Oh, that's odd they require that! Totally understand it might take longer for that. Sending email now :)

Congratulations. It has been fun buying this game on day one and then watching it go on to relative success.


Aw hey thanks! And so cool you supported it right from the start! Thanks for that