A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is an unfinished game I made in 2019. As such, there is only a half to an hour's worth of gameplay. I probably won't ever finish it, since I've learned a TON in pixel art, game design, etc, since then.

So here, have a fun little experiment for free! Enjoy.

 A quirky JRPG style game with an off beat plot and weird world building. Walk the cinder paths between dimensions, hunt for the vicious Thornfire, and grab the ghost eater sword at the edge of the Godless Gardens.

A quest that has a very deep, complex plot full of emotional beats, as well as a large world that you can explore out of order and go on sidequests to get strange subplots that deepen the story and reward you with powerful items.

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Heart of the Bone Witch Windows Demo.zip 366 MB
Heart of the Bone Witch OSX Demo.zip 500 MB
HeartoftheBoneWitchLinux.tar.gz 374 MB

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