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Some video games are pretty simple in execution and delivery. Bad Writer, for one, as well as Catacomb Kitties. Other projects, they tend to fight their way into existence. Almost every small problem becomes a giant issue, optimization becomes a bear, and porting it is a nightmare. Candlebook Island was like that! It should've been done last September, as originally planned. But it was taking too long (code wise and art wise), so I decided to do Catacomb Kitties for a month and put that up instead.

Then it was supposed to be in February, but issues kept popping up, and real life got in the way. And then Spring, and then summer, lol...

Here it is, almost fall, and we have it! We are ready to roll! It's going to be on the Nintendo Switch September 8th in all territories. I'm working on the Windows/Linux/Mac OS port now, mostly it's changing the input buttons and the FPS a little. Plan on the game being here on Itch October 8th (ish), and then on Steam in Novemeber/early December. I always put my games on Itch a month before steam (and some never make it to Steam, on purpose). I want to reward the itch community for being so awesome, so you get first dibs after the console.

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